The Senior Leadership Team of WOWFC endeavour always  to put God first in every aspect of the overall vision of the fellowship and takes an active leadership role in its implementation. They oversee the proper functioning of all groups and ministries. Senior Pastor- Rev. Natasha Harris

Tasha   CliveRev. Natasha and Deacon Clive Harris describes themselves as warm, engaging and enthusiastic individuals. Others have described them as caring, likable and people who put God and his people first above their own needs.

Their passion is to help the church to grow by stimulating excitement and enthusiasm through the discovery of the fullness of God’s love.
As joint leaders of Without Walls Fellowship Church they  places a high priority on teaching, preaching and leading worship, always seeking the leading of the holy spirit.
They describe their leadership style as one that brings out people’s passions through encouragement, motivation and helping them to be their best self.


Adeline whiteAssociate Pastor- Adeline Ntalaja

Is the new head of Christian Education and youth director of our church. She has a passion for evangelising the word of God, sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit and is also a dynamic prayer warrior.                                       

She is a compassionate enabling youth leader. Always guiding and mentoring the youth of our church to be the best they can be.

Other Members of the Team

  Maa Missionary Icylin Douglas- affectionally known to all as 'Ma' is a founding member of our church. She is dedicated to helping those in and out of the church needing help and support.

  lee Deaconess Hilda Caines- is a warm loving kind person who serves as one of the deacons in our church in the practical application of the role.  

Elaine Williams Minister Elaine Williams- is the care minister of our church having responsibility for the Care Ministry Leadership Team, whose role is to develop and oversee a programme that serve those in our congregation and community with needs for financial, practical and emotional support. Elaine is warm and sensitive and compassionate to the needs of those she serves.



 Sister Lynda Soutar- is the Senior Greeter & Events co-coordinator. She has been in our church for a number of years supporting in different departments. You are always assured of a warm welcome from her.